Lionheart is brewed to a 12th century style recipe using traditional sweet gale. Prior to today’s widespread use of hops in the production of beer and ale, a variety of wild flowers, herbs and spices (known as gruit) was used to add flavour and aroma and to act as preservatives. The introduction of hops in beer production is a relatively new concept. The earliest historical mention of beer was approximately 9000 years ago, but the earliest mention of hops in beer was not until 822 AD, where they were first used in France. This trend took another 300 years to be adopted in Germany, with the United Kingdom following in the 15th century. The English defined the difference between ale and beer around the 15th and 16th centuries: hops were accepted in beer production but ales were still produced with sweet gale. The recipe for Lionheart incorporates sweet gale, as well as hops for flavour and aroma, differentiating it from other premium ales.

The time-honoured fermentation process of using open squares helps to create the superior taste of Lionheart, a fruity and malty ale which is deep and rich in flavour.’ Our artisan beer, fit for a King, is available in a 500ml bottle, with an ABV of 4.5%.










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