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Lionheart is a new artisan premium ale from the Brookfield Brewing Company. Lionheart is brewed to the highest modern standards of purity and quality, but the unique, secret recipe we use draws on 12th Century sources to make a beer that Richard himself might have enjoyed. Incorporating Sweet Gale, Lionheart truly is a tribute to the history of a great nation and one of its greatest kings.

What makes Lionheart a
beer Fit for a king?

A kilo of Sweet Gale costs as much as a Tonne of malt!



The Legend of Lionheart

Richard I of England – the Lionheart – was the inspiration for our Lionheart artisan ale. He has achieved legendary status in the English speaking world. Few British monarchs are so widely-known. Yet surprisingly few people know much about the exploits that led to this superstar status. We have exclusively commissioned renowned historian Frank McClynn to write a personal view on why Richard was such a force in the 12th Century, and why his fame continues right up to the present day.



Lionheart, our new Artisan Ale, is proudly brewed in the heart of England, and is brought to you by the Brookfield Brewing Company.

The company is part of Brookfield Drinks Limited, which produces and markets many well-known brands across the country. It was established in 2012 by Nigel McNally, former head of the Wells and Young’s Brewing Company.

Lionheart, Brookfield’s latest venture, has a unique flavour that is the result of carefully selected ingredients, an ancient recipe and the skill and expertise of master brewers Robinsons of Stockport. One of the oldest and most respected names in British brewing history, Robinsons was chosen by Brookfield to brew Lionheart as they are one of a select few bespoke brewers who specialise in brewing only premium brands to the highest possible standards.

Robinsons are also one of the few brewers who still use the traditional ‘Open Square’ fermentation process. It is not the easiest way to brew an ale, but in our view, even after 800 years, it has not been bettered.


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